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Port City Chiropractic, P.C. FAQs

Your Care Questions, Answered

Do I need a referral?

Unless your insurance specifically requires a referral, you will not need a referral to see us. This includes Work Comp and No-Fault (auto accident) cases.

Will my care be covered by my insurance?

All insurance plans are different regarding chiropractic coverage. Please call our office to speak directly to our staff to address your specific questions.

Will my Health Savings Account/Flex Spending Account cover my care?

Yes. In fact, most of our patients use these types of accounts to help pay for their care.

What happens on the first visit?

As a new patient, you will fill out a health history outlining the reason you are being seen in our office. A consultation will be performed to learn more about your condition, which will help guide our examination. A detailed initial exam includes a posture assessment, range of motion, orthopedic and neurologic tests, and a spinal exam to determine the exact cause of your problem and to determine if chiropractic can help you. Your first visit also includes a computerized spinal exam called a surface EMG, which is like an EKG and measures how your spinal muscles are functioning.

The doctor will review all of this information with you and determine if x-rays or any other special imaging or other testing is required.

A detailed treatment plan will be outlined, and the patient will be able to decide how to proceed based on their health goals.

Will I need x-rays?

Imaging is an extremely important tool used in assessing your spine. The doctor will determine if any imaging is necessary based on each individual case history and exam findings. Our policy is that we will never recommend a test or procedure unless it is necessary.

Will I be adjusted on my first visit?

If, based on your consultation and examination findings, it is determined that you do not need any imaging or additional testing to proceed with care, then you can expect to be adjusted on your first visit. If imaging or additional testing is required, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled once that is completed, at which time the doctor will review all of your findings and outline a plan of care.

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is the procedure that is performed by the doctor to re-align your spine to remove nerve pressure. It is the primary treatment that we provide to our patients.

What type of adjustment does the doctor use?

Our office uses the Activator Method of adjusting the spine exclusively. Dr. Galvin was trained by Dr. Arlan Fuhr, who invented the Activator adjusting instrument and protocols, and he has been using this procedure for his patients for 35+ years. Dr. Galvin is a Senior Clinical Instructor for Activator Methods International, Ltd. based in Phoenix, Az. and he has been teaching Doctors of Chiropractic and chiropractic students these adjusting protocols for 30 years.

Can I adjust myself?

No, you cannot adjust yourself. Even Doctors of Chiropractic that are expertly trained cannot adjust themselves.

Can I get adjusted if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Pregnancy causes postural stress on the spine, which can lead to back pain and hip pain in addition to other areas of the body being affected. Chiropractic care is safe and effective in treating patients that are pregnant through all stages of pregnancy. The earlier in the pregnancy that chiropractic care begins, the easier it is to address these problems and manage them throughout the pregnancy. It is extremely important to have chiropractic care soon after delivery as well, so that as your body returns to normal, any postural imbalances can be addressed to help avoid future problems.

At what age can someone receive chiropractic care?

Dr. Galvin has treated patients from newborns to 100+ years old. The Activator adjusting instrument allows for gentle and safe adjustments at any age.

How long will I need care?

Every patient is different based on their history, how long they’ve had their problem, any medical conditions that could impact their recovery, their occupation, and how well they participate in their care.

The doctor will provide their best treatment recommendations based on these factors and outline a plan of care. Our patients always get to decide how long they benefit from chiropractic care based on their health goals.

Will I be given exercises?

Our approach to care will always include stretches or exercises that are age-appropriate and will help to assist in recovery and prevention.

Is nutrition important when dealing with painful conditions?

Nutrition is extremely important when dealing with pain, as there is a direct link between pain and inflammation, and what we eat to fuel our body is so crucial in this process.

The doctor will make recommendations when appropriate to address nutritional needs that may be implemented to assist in recovery.

How important is lifestyle when dealing with spine problems?

Hobbies and recreational activities directly influence our body and may have a positive or negative impact on your health. The doctor will guide you on any lifestyle modifications that may be necessary to assist in recovery and prevention.

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