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Laser Therapy at Port City Chiropractic, P.C.

laser therapy treatmentAt Port City Chiropractic, P.C., we strive to provide our patients with the most innovative therapies to enhance their wellness journey. Our use of the Multi Radiance Medical Laser, a cutting-edge modality designed to speed the healing process, helps decrease pain and muscle spasms and promotes healing through the power of light therapy.

How Does Laser Therapy Benefit Me?

Laser therapy is particularly beneficial for patients dealing with acute pain and suffering from conditions such as tendinitis, muscle spasms, TMJ issues, and sciatica. Its non-invasive nature makes it an excellent option for those seeking a more natural option for pain management instead of traditional care.

We reject the notion of “one-size-fits-all” care. Each patient’s care plan, including the frequency and duration of laser therapy, is thoughtfully tailored, and we adjust our approach based on your unique situation and response to care.

Complementing Your Chiropractic Care

Each laser therapy session is accompanied by a chiropractic adjustment to provide a holistic experience. We address all your health concerns, ensuring every aspect of your care is aligned for optimal healing and comfort.

Laser therapy is not a stand-alone offering; it’s an adjunct to the chiropractic care you trust. A typical visit involves both an adjustment and subsequent laser treatment, with laser therapy taking approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Combining services ensures efficient and effective relief.

While used in conjunction with chiropractic, this service has a separate fee, reflecting the specialized value it brings to your overall care. Patients often see relief from symptoms after just a few sessions, though results will vary as each individual’s healing process is as distinct as their fingerprint.

An Investment in Your Overall Well-Being

At Port City Chiropractic, P.C., we embrace innovation in service of your health. If you’ve been considering laser therapy as a component of your care, contact us today for more detailed information. Together, we can construct a tailor-made plan that addresses your needs and accelerates your recovery journey.

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