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Pediatric Chiropractic at Port City Chiropractic, P.C.

pregnant mom and daughterAt Port City Chiropractic, P.C., we want every child to have a dynamic start in life. Our pediatric chiropractic services are custom-designed for the earliest stages, accommodating newborns to adolescents. Our gentle and evidence-based methods are designed to enhance the child’s health and development, allowing them to thrive.

Nurturing Your Child’s Health and Growth

The birth experience is the first trauma your child will undergo, but life itself can also impose strenuous demands on an infant’s body. Targeting birth trauma and nurturing the nervous system and skeletal structure at a young age sets the stage for continued well-being into adulthood.

Overlooked birth trauma often stands as the first hurdle. Dr. Ed assisted in his own child’s birth, providing the first adjustment and realizing the transformative impact of early chiropractic care on his daughter.

Custom Care for Every Child

To ensure children are comfortable and to build trust with them, Dr. Ed suggests bringing a cherished toy or blanket to their first appointment to introduce a sense of home in the adjustment space to make it less threatening. Before any care is attempted, our comprehensive examination pinpoints specific misalignments, leading to a fully personalized care plan.

With the kid-friendly Activator Method®, our practice gives treatments that are as mild and efficient. Back by solid research and positive patient feedback, our adjustments are adapted to meet your child’s growth and health demands precisely.

Testimonies of Healing and Hope

Our use of pediatric care is deeply personal and reinforced by a host of patient testimonials, including Dr. Ed’s personal history of overcoming frequent childhood sore throats after injuring his neck at age 5 and enjoying a lifetime of good health.

These accounts are why we believe early intervention is so crucial to life-long health and overall wellness.

Chart Your Child’s Course to Lifelong Health

Starting wellness practices early in life helps establish a resilient, healthy future. Port City Chiropractic, P.C. is here to help your child achieve every milestone along the way. Call us to arrange a consultation; together, we’ll help your child grow with vitality to meet their developmental promise.

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